Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Great Night!!

So my pictures go backwards, so scroll to the bottom and work your way up! :)
So after the show, we got told by a member of the sound crew to sit aside and wait. We were kinda like, well okay. We figured we were going to get to meet the band, we were SO excited. After the center cleared out the guy, Mike, told us to follow him. So we followed him out back along with two other girls and we climbed up onto their tour bus. Pretty sweet! Sadly, the band never came, but we hung out with the sound crew for a little while and met the oldest brother of the band Hansen. Pretty cool. There were two other girls on the bus who were beyond trashy...sad. But we just kinda ignored them and chatted with the guys. Finally, we decided we better go. Although we were disappointed we didn't get to hang out with the band, we still had a blast. This by far has been the most amazing concert I have ever been to! Both bands were amazing and put on a really good show!
Such an amazing concert!

So, Jimmy V (the guitarist with the long blond hair) was right in front of us. I yelled at him to throw us his pic and he threw fell between the speakers. Then, he threw another and it didn't come far enough for me to get. Then, it happened again and again! AH! Lex spotted one and ran over and snagged it. WHOOP!

Is he beautiful or what?!
Maroon 5! They are all so musically talented.

This guy can SING!

Ry Cummings opened for the bands, and he was way good! You should check out his music. We definitely enjoyed him!

So excited!
Here we are with OneRepublic. There were about 50+ people there to meet Maroon 5, some won from other stations and some paid big bucks to meet the band. With 106.9, we got to meet BOTH bands. The lead singer from OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, (to the right of me in the picture) is actually from Tulsa. We got to sit in a room of about 15-20 people, including his family, while they played us a little concert. Talk about musical talent. WOW! Sitting there and listening to them made me fall in love. The lead singer got the beat with an egg shaker, sang amazingly, and used the tambourine. The guy to my left played the cello, the guy right in the middle played out the beat on a wooden box (SO COOL), the guy next to him played the guitar and during the actual concert the violin, and the guy right next to Lexi played the xylophone and guitar. They played Secrets and All the Right Moves for us right there. So so so so so amazing!
First, we got to meet Maroon 5! I guess I should start out by telling you how I won the tickets. I knew Maroon 5 was coming to town and wanted to go from the very second I knew they were coming. They are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE band. Well the day was coming faster than I realized and hadn't gotten any tickets yet. One day, Monday, I was driving to class and I heard about a contest on the radio. You had to be the 9th caller and choose an envelope. Well I called and called and called, and didn't get through. I gave up and was totally bummed. Then on Wednesday I was on my way to class and heard that the contest was still going on! SO I TRIED! I called 5 times, but didn't get through and I was getting ready to turn into the school so I decided to try one more time, and whaddya know?! I GOT THROUGH! I told him my name and the radio guy had me pick an envelope...I chose "I" and it was 2nd row seats to Maroon 5 and meet and greet passes! I was STOOOOOOKED! The other option was Lady Gaga tickets, which woulda been fun, but let's be honest...Maroon 5 is way better...only my FAVORITE BAND! And top it off with OneRepublic...can't complain right?! I was so excited. So anyway, Tuesday (Oct. 19) we got to the BOK center and waited for forever to meet the band. We weren't really allowed to have cameras out while meeting the bands, which stunk, but they took our picture for us. They ended up kind of blurry, but whatever! It's still a picture with Maroon 5! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

2 nights in a row...impressive!

Today was a good day. Nothing too exciting happened, but I made it through the day in one piece. I found out I got a 94 on my last chemistry test (1 of 4 A's in the class!) and a 105 on my last biology test (1 of 4 A's in the class!) WAHOOO! So all my studying and going to class is paying off for something after all! :) I am not quite halfway through this semester, but I am getting closer. I didn't get to spend much time with the boys today, which I hate. We had a good family night. We watched Extreme Home Makeover and then read a story in The Friend about loving your neighbor. The two tied in great together. Chase enjoyed it. We then read a book together about Jellyfish that he checked out from his school library. He read some of the words to be and I read what he couldn't. I am pretty impressed with what he knows and is learning. Never thought this day would come! We then started our first chapter of the Book of Mormon stories together. I am excited to start reading this with the boys!

Baby D said his first prayer last night, with my help, or course. But he did so good and repeated almost every word I said. I can't believe how big he is getting! Time seriously flies WAY TOO FAST!

Anyway, it is getting late, at least for me, so I better head to bed so I can wake up in the morning bright and early! Good night!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO BLOG?!?! Oh, maybe because I work 8+ hours a day, go to school full time, and have 2 kids. Good reminder. I wake up at 5:15 or so in the morning and usually go full throttle until about 10:30 or 11:00 at night. It sucks, a big one, but I just gotta get through a few more years and I will be DONE. DONE! I keep telling myself it's for me and the boys and our future and I know all I am doing now will be well worth all the hassle and late nights for a better future for us. Anyway, that's about where I am at in Repeat.
Davis was quite the helper at the pumpkin patch!
D loved checking out the chickens!
The boys and I at the pumpkin patch!

Chase is L-O-V-I-N-G kindergarten. He loves his friends and he comes home with stories out the wazoo. He likes to buy his lunch, but will take his lunch every so often. One day, he threw up at school "because he ate too much chocolate cake and pizza and two mountains of corn" and ended up making his classmate throw up too. Silly boy. He is getting better at writing his letters and name, although he still has a long long way to go! :) We are working on it though. He can spell "stop", "Chase", and "pop" off of the top of his head. He is recognizing sight words such as "the", "and", "at", "a", and "I" and he will read those words in stories for us. He LOVES books. His favorite time at school is recess (of course!) He thinks it's pretty cool to be able to ride the bus home, but sometimes asks if he can go to afterschool care with his friends, "because they have free food and you get to play the wii!" We didn't get in to any sports this season yet, mainly because I am so so so so busy and just don't have the time, but hopefully this next round we will get into something. Chase is a delight to have around, he will drive you nuts in a second with his many questions and non-stop (seriously) talking. Lately he has been into asking me what certain combinations of letters spell, like "Mom, what does z-r-t-b-n-y spell?" Of course, I respond, "nothing!" His most recent one that cracked me up was, "Mom, what does b-o-o-b spell?" Totally out of the blue. We were in Taco Bell and Chase is not the quietest kid to ever talk. I busted out laughing. Crazy kid. He always has something to say about something and will make friends with the wall. He loves his doggies, computer games, friends, and TV. He is a sensitive boy and definitely loves his family. He plays so well with Baby D (most of the time) and has a great imagination. He loves going to church and learning and singing. He is a sweet and caring boy and never wants to have any one hurt or left out. I am proud of this little guy and couldn't love him more!

Chase and buds!

DAVIS IS TWO! I can't believe it. Time seriously flies way too fast. I can't believe it's already been two years since I was blessed with such a sweetheart. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but at the same time it seems like years ago. It's so bittersweet to watch your baby grow up. Davis is a quick little boy and is in to EVERYTHING. He loves ride on toys and cars. He is completely potty trained and he has even been waking up from naps and bed time DRY! He tells us when he needs to go potty and sometimes will even pull his own pants down and get on his potty by himself. YAY! His favorite food is spaghettios. Oh and we are NO MORE BABAS! WAHOO! One night I put him to bed with a baba full of sour milk and he puked up everywhere and for a few nights after that I tried to get him to take one and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. So I just quite giving it to him. He has asked for one a few times but I just tell him "No, you're a big boy now!" He'll just kinda look at me like what the?! and lay down and go to sleep. Yay! He has started to enjoy TV and will watch a show here and there, especially Yo Gabba Gabba (heaven help me!) That show is just weird and whoever came up with was on drugs. Honestly. It does have good lessons though, just done in a WEEEEEIIIIRRRRDDDD way, but D loves it so what can I do? He talks quite often and usually in comeplete comprehensible sentences. My favorite is when I come home from school or work and he goes, "HI MOM! How ya doooooooin?" His intonation is the absolute best. It goes up at the end and is just so darn cute. He also says "sup?" My favorite is "sup pop?" Usually when you give him something he will go, "thank you. thank you mom. welcome." And then be on his merry little way. The other day we were at the gap and D got a big yellow purse and it over and said, "i love dis puwse. i jus love it." So funny. He had the best intonation. Davis has really been interested in letters and he calls them all "ABCs". Whenever we drive by McD's he will say, "I wann nuggets! I wann nuggets!" He loves him some nuggets and "fwes fwies." He also loves water. That is his drink of choice. He's not one for juice and soda, but he loves him some "waaduuh" and "miwk." D loves his big brother and will often copy what he does. He loves to try and help papa in any way he can, often times much to papa's dismay. He will come and cuddle with me and loves to be kissed and hugged. Sometimes, out of the blue,he will come up to me and say, "gimme kiss mom!" and pucker right up. He loves him some shoes and will often find high heels and just clomp around the house in them. Pretty hilarious, and actually quite impressive that he can walk so well in them. He loves his "nigh nighs" and we have about 6 of in ever, purple, blue, green, yellow, and red. Often times he climbs into bed with 3 of them and when I check on him at night he is usually caccooned in them. D has been such a blessing in my life! We love him tons and wouldn't have him any other way! :)

two years old!

feeding the sheep...

and pigs!

"I wan get iiiin. I wan get iiiin!" (with the goats!)
sweet smile on a sweet boy!

smooshy cheeks!

We had a fun day for Baby D's birthday. We went to Carmicheals pumpkin patch with Lacey, Riley, and Asher, and climbed the pumpkin mounds, went through the dark hay tunnel, and fed and pet a lot of animals. Then, we picked out some pumpkins to take home. We stopped at our favorite ice cream store, Braums, on the way home to buy a couple of gallons of ice cream for his party. We enjoyed a yummy "fwes fwies" snack and then headed home. D took a good long nap, then when he woke up it was time to party! Lacey, Riley, and Asher came over to party with us. I made him a Plex cake (the robot from Yo Gabba Gabba) and we had chili (D loved it!) for dinner. He got a cozy coupe car to ride in, which he has basically been in since he got it. You can't keep him out of it! He also got some Yo Gabba Gabba books along with a few others, a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD and a Blues Clues DVD. The Yo Gabba Gabba soundtrack and a fun Thomas the Train tubby toy (thanks Lacey, Riley, and Asher!), and a fun race track with 2 shake and go cars. All in all I think D had a great day and we had a fun time celebrating his birthday! WE LOVE YOU BABY D!
Plex birthday cake!

taxi service? Asher and buds! :) This was the age Riley and Chase started hanging out and becoming best of friends!
Stinker wouldn't look at me!
This is the "i gooya go potty moommmma!" pose
there are just no words for this sweet face :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man oh man...

I am so far behind in the blogging world. I need to be better, and I know I always say that. We will see how it goes. So far, this summer has been a busy whirlwind! I feel like I haven't stopped and gotten anything done that I had planned to in my little mind checklist, but the business has been well worth the many memories made. I ended the school year with a letter of reasonable consideration that I will get my job back next year. YAY! I am excited about that, because it was kind of up in the air for a while with all the education cuts that are going on. Anyway, I packed my room up at the end of the year and will be getting a new class room this coming year. I am looking forward to a new school year, but can't believe my precious time this summer is already halfway gone! Where does the time go? About a week after school got out I headed out to UT for a fun 10 days to spend with family and friends, with no kids! :) I had a great time, but I sure did miss 2 little boys! While I was gone, Davis and my mom both got sick. I felt awful, but there was nothing I could do so far away. Luckily, I have an awesome family that helped out a ton, especially Lexi. I came home for four short days and then packed up and headed off to AL to visit family and bring back my nieces and nephew for a few days. It was good to see the many friends and family in both UT and AL. We came home with 3 extra kiddos to kick off "Camp Nuna." We spent 2 days at Big Splash and just had a good time with one another's company. Then, the family started to roll in to Tulsa. Alisha and Carly came with their babies on Tuesday, Jarom, Beth, and Addi, Kiara and Alan, and Mike all came on Wednesday, then, on Thursday Grams and Gramps, Aunt Linda, Aunt Mary, and cousin Thomas came into town. We had a FUUUULLLL house to say the least. I think there were 27 of us all living under one roof. We spent on day at Big Splash, then mainly enjoyed one another's company. We crafted, visited, took pictures, played games (QUELF!), and watched movies. It was pretty chaotic, but I think the time was enjoyed by everyone. I sure am lucky to have such a fun and close family.

Chase and Davis are getting bigger by the second. It is killing me. Chase is getting really excited about kindergarten and Davis is talking more and more as the days go by. He really never shuts up! Haha. I am often called "Nuna" by him. He always says, "i want up", "hold me", "thank you", "welcome", "where are you?", "hello", "i love you", and many more things. He really babbled a lot, but looks at you like you are having a serious conversation. He loves to run, but almost looks like he is marching when he runs because he brings his knees up so high. It is hilarious. He hates to be left alone and will cry out like he is lost when he notices no one is around. He loves his "gaga" (water) and will hardly drink anything else, besides milk, of course. He will be 21 months on July 9. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! He is such a fun little booger! Chase is busy working on things to get ready for kindergarten, and like I said, he is getting more and more excited everyday. He has been so excited to Avatar: The Last Airbender to come out, and talks about it constantly. He knows what toys are at what restaurants in the kids meals and always tells me we need to go to different places to get those toys. FYI: McDonald's has Avatar toys. Is that bad that he knows that? Haha. He knows his ABC's, can write his name really well, and so now we have to work on knowing our address, phone number, and tying shoes. This should be fun! Our pups are doing great too. They are getting so big and are full of energy. They loving little pups and really want to please. So far, they have been a blessing to have and have really brought the family, Chase especially, a lot of joy. They are a lot of work though! We sure do love them though!

We are doing well and are happy! We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of our summer and to see family again while in UT for Chia's wedding! YAY!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I love this kid! He keeps me on my toes and laughing all the time! He is so special! LOOOVE HIM!

Me and my sweet little D. LOOOVE HIM!

Pretty roses from Sam, Dad, Chase, and Baby D for me. It made me feel pretty special! :)

We just have the best nursery leader in our ward. Davis wasn't so sure about nursery at first, but he is adjusting well because he has Sister Gish and Sister Barker to love on him. For Mothers Day, Sister Gish made these delicious and darling little cookies for them to give us. I brought it with me to snack on at work and realized I didn't get a picture of it yet, so I had to use my phone on my camera (which I hate...) but I got the picture and then enjoyed the cookie! There was like a chunk of snickers in the middle or something..they were SO good! And look at his cute little hand! :)

This is a necklace from I LOVE her website. It is a lady here from Tulsa that hand crafts these little charms. When I saw this one I just had to have it because Chase always tells me, "Mom, I love you to the moon and back, to outer space and back, to Jesus and back, around the world a 'souzand' times and back, etc." and it just melts me heart. I couldn't pass this up and received it just in time for Mothers Day. What a special thing. :) This will forever be a treasure of mine.

How come I got so lucky to have such two beautiful little boys? These boys bring more joy into my life than I ever could have imagined. The joy and happiness definitely outways the frustrations and stresses of being a mother. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has placed these two sweet spirits in my trust and care. I certainly am lucky.

We had a wonderful Mothers Day. We had a yummy waffle breakfast (we had my favorite, biscuits and gravy, on Saturday) and then headed off to church. There is always such a sweet spirit in the church building on Mothers Day, especially after the primary children sing. I was choking back tears the whole time they were on the stand. Their spirits are so incredibly strong and you can certainly feel it through their singing. I received a little baggie of kisses from the church, as did all the mothers, a "date night" kit from Chase that he got in primary where we choose a color of M&M and answer a question according to the color chosen. We also got a popcorn bag in it so we can have a movie night. I am excited about that! :) The priamry presidency handed out cute cute plaques that said "Mother, I love you" to all the mothers that work in the primary. I love them! Then I got roses from the boys, baby D's cute flower cookie, my necklace, and a new pair of TOMS shoes...YAY! My best sweet friend, Amy, got me a SUPER cute Coach purse and wallet...I AM IN LOVE! She is pretty amazing! I had a wonderful day and was just in a good mood all day long. For dinner, we had the missionaries over and enjoyed a yummy ham steak, green beans, new potatoes, and ambrosia salad dinner. Daddy bought some angel food cake and strawberries for dinner. Yum! We topped the evening off with a lesson on faith from the missionares, and how we can help it grow. I am excited to work towards that and increase my faith. Then, we got to talk to the Adams family on gmail video chat. It is so fun to see them! Not as good as seeing them in person, but better than just a phone call! We can actually see P's and A's chubby cheeks! :) We had a lovely mothers day and I hope all of you did too!